Mississippi Legislature, Regular Session 2009 - House Bill No. 1713: Authorizing a State Rail Plan


Mississippi Bill Authorizing State Rail Plan

House Bill No. 1713 wishes to provide funding for passenger and freight rail. The funds
received from the Federal Government will be used to pay for the construction, maintenance,
rehabilitation and improvement of passenger and freight rail in Mississippi. The bill then
goes into the benefits of improving rail infrastructure (Economic Development, Traffic
reduction, etc.).  Specific dollar amounts will be put a side to projects like high-speed
rail service, and to provide funding for the State Railroad Revitalization Fund, which pays
for the updating of railroad infrastructure.

Step 5 - pp. 1: Line 12-18, pp. 11: Line 356-364 (Freight Component)

"To Provide that the Mississippi Department of Transportation shall develop the state rail
plan and to describe the plan and require that it contains both freight and Passenger rail
service components"

The freight component of the rail plan will be drafted by Mississippi DOT & Mississippi
Development authority.  This plan will promote the use of freight rail service within
the state and to provide service to and from water ports.

Step 1 - pp. 1: Line 29-32

"A strong rail infrastructure promotes economic development and employment opportunities
and promotes the public good and general welfare of the state."

Step 2 - pp. 4: Line 124-128

The creation of a designated fund "2009 59 Capital Assistance Stimulus for Rail Projects Fund".
To provide assistance to railroads to rehab existing freight rail, and passenger rail lines.

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